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Simply Amazing Smiles

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Welcoming, Accomodating, Professional, Efficient and Trustworthy!

Julian N.

It is always a very pleasant experience coming to your offices. Everyone is always smiling and friendly.

Andrew M.

I am incredibly happy with the work that was done on my teeth this week. The day after my fillings, my teeth AND bite feel better than they have in a few years! Thanks again all of you!

Rae B.

So glad to be in the company of such a knowledgeable and professional staff.

Scott C.

As someone who is blind, I need to be able to trust those who provide me with health care. I really feel that I can trust Dr. Trevor and his team, and that makes all the difference in the world. I particulary like the way the team explains every detail of what they are doing. Thank you.

Sarah M.

... I love your enthusiasm - it must be fun to learn from you!!

Janet S.

The staff are professional, pleasant and accomodating. They make what is usually an anxiety filled experience a relaxing and comfortable one. I never have to wait for long periods of time, and if I am early, I enjoy the massage chair very much! The administration staff are very efficient, I never have to wait and I have confidence in their accuracy when dealing with my insurance. I appreciate that they contact my insurance provider prior to my appointment, so there are no surprises. On occassion and at my request, the front desk staff have even plugged my metre so I don't get parking fines during my appointments. Lastly, the on-staff masseuse is a real treat especially after having dental work done!

Shauna B.

Thanks to Nicole for all of her guidance and support! So glad to be in the company of such knowledgeable and professional staff.

Scott C.

:)) Always a pleasant experience to go the the Dentist!

Toshi W.

You have turned a regular denitst appointment into and experience!

Christy L.

Go Team! Trevor has the unlucky job to repair some poor dental work prior to me seeing him. The team is very informative about what is going on with my dental care and why something needs to be addressed.

Kelsey S.

I enjoy every part and the Dr always explains what is going to happen I always recommend you to others.

Brooke T.