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Laser Cavity Detection


Detecting any disease at an early stage is very important.  Dental decay (cavities) begin as tiny areas of demineralized enamel but then can quickly progress to become a much larger problem.  Left undetected, cavities can lead to pain, infection and even tooth loss.  Until recently, cavities could only be detected using the sense of touch, visually, or with the help of x-rays.  While each of these modalities remain very effective at detecting the presence of dental decay, an exciting new technology has recently been introduced at Simply Amazing Smiles.  Diagnodent® laser caries detection can now help us detect cavities extremely early, far sooner then we could ever detect cavities using conventional methods.

Our office believes in a proactive approach to treating your oral health.


Why is early cavity detection important?

•Ability to determine how succeptible a patient is to decay and how quickly a cavity may be growing

•Cavity is repaired before it can damage more tooth structure

•Treating small cavities with 'micro-fillings' almost never require dental anaesthetic injections

•Treating small cavities is more conservative and cost-effective than treating the cavity at a later stage



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