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Single Visit / Digital Dentistry

Digitial Dentistry utilizes advanced CAD/CAM computer technology. CAD/CAM stands for "Computer Assisted Design / Computer Assisted Manufacturing".  Dental CAD/CAM technology is also known as single visit dentisty.  By utilizing this technology, many restorative solutions can be completed in one simple dental visit versus 2 or more visits with traditional techniques.  Our Planmeca Fit system can be used to manufacture almost any dental restoration including crowns, onlays, inlays and veneers.

A laser wand is used capture digital 'images' of your tooth.  Powerful software pastes the images together and creates a virtual model of your tooth, enabling Dr. Morhaliek to then design your restoration virtually on the computer.  Any parameter can be manipulated with extreme precision to create a restoration with perfect contour, fit, size, shape and color.  Once Dr. Morhaliek is pleased with the design the virtual restoration is converted to a physical restoration in our milling unit.  The entire design and milling process takes about 40 minutes, a process that used to take 2-3 weeks before CAD / CAM technology was available.  Most crowns appointments are completed in less than 100 minutes, start to finish.

 "Cad/Cam technology has literally revolutionized the way day-to-day dentistry is provided." 

What makes Digital Dentistry better?

        • COMFORT - No temporary restoration is required.

        • CONVENIANT - Treatment completed in one simple visit, no need for a second visit.

        • PRECISION - Restorations are made by Dr. Morhaliek and his team, right in our clinic so quality control is assured.  Your restoration is designed virtually and then precision-milled with extreme accuracy. (within 20 thousandths of a millimeter!)   

        • SUPERIOR STRENGTH - Restorations are milled from prefrabricated 'blocks', allowing for the highest material strength and physical properties of any restorative material in dentistry.

        • NATURAL APPEARANCE - A wide variety of ceramic and composite blocks are available with many tooth colors to match the needs of your particular restoration(s) perfectly and invisibly.



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