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Oral malodour, also known as halitosis or bad breath is an embarrassing yet extremely common condition.  It affects approximately 50% of all people.  While commonly associated with periodontal (gum) disease, research now indicates that halitosis can exist in the absence of periodontal disease.  In other words, you can have perfect oral hygiene and still have bad breath.  

Halitosis is a Serious Oral Infection

How do I know if I have bad breath? 

Because oral malodour is usually chronic, you become desensitized to the smell and you likely will be unaware of any problem.  Thankfully, we have a simple test to determine if you have this infection.  The test is complimentary and takes approximately 5 minutes to see the results. 


Bacteria and Mouth Odours

It is important to treat oral malodour because it is a serious oral infection.  The bacteria in your mouth break down surrounding organic matter, causing it to rot or decay, releasing volatile sulfur compounds (gases) that are directly responsible for the malodour.  These gases can smell like rotten eggs, rotten cabbage or smelly feet.  These bacteria and their toxins are extremely harmful to your gums and are a major factor in the progression of periodontal disease.  Research has also proven that these same toxins have been associated with Heart Disease, Diabetes, Premature Birth and Low Birth-Weight Babies. 



Fortunately, we have a simple and highly effective treatment for halitosis and our success rate is 95%.  Within 2 weeks you will notice a difference, and so will those around you.  Your sense of smell will improve and your foods will have more flavor.  Perhaps most importantly, your periodontal health will improve as well.  Treatment typically follows a sequence over 2 or 3 visits:

  1. Screen - Test for the presence of the harmful bacteria
  2. Examination and Biological Tests - Determine the types, location and numbers of offending bacteria and determine how these bacteria and toxins are damaging your gums.  Measure the toxic gases being produced and review dietary habits.
  3. Education – We help you understand the mechanism of this oral infection and give you the tools you need to maintain a proper balance to the oral environment. 
  4. Prescription Rines – Specially-formulated antibiotic and antimicrobial rinses are used to restore the delicate balance of bacteria for healthy gums and fresh breath.
  5. Follow Up – We test your mouth again to determine how successful your treatment has been, and measure if oral malodour has been eliminated using gas chromatography technology.


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